Activity Review | International Food and Beverages Companies Visited Pidu District


From Mar. 23rd to 25th, eight companies from United States, Australia and Beijing, invited by STCC International Park, visited Pidu District. Mr. Tang Jian (Minister of International Cooperation Department of Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base Management Committee), Mr. Donohue (General Manager of STCC International Park) accompanied the group.

Time: 3:00pm, Mar. 23rd.

Location: Innovation Exhibition Center

The visiting group first visited the Innovation Exhibition Center in Jingrong Town, and staffs from the management committee led the group and introduced the technology, economy, culture and living environment in Pidu District to the group. Later the group visited the exhibition hall.

The visiting group was watching the Promotion Video of Pidu District.

The visiting group visited the exhibition hall.

Time: 15:30 23rd Mar. 

Location: Maker School

The second stop was the Maker School, where all companies’ representatives enjoyed afternoon tea. They also listened to the introduction of Pidu District and incentive policies by staffs from the Management Committee of the Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. All companies expressed strong interests in related policies and communicated in-depth with the staffs.

Liu Shaoyong (the Investment Promotion Department) introduced the investment environment, incentive policies and the potential development in Pidu District.

The company representatives listened to the introduction.

Representatives Interacted with the staffs.

Time: 16:00 23rd Mar.

Location: Ande Chinese Sichuan Food Industrial Park

After visiting the Maker School, the group went to Ande Chinese Sichuan Food Industrial Park to visit Red Lantern Food Co., Ltd., and New Hope Dairy.

The group visited Red Lantern Food Co., Ltd.

The group visited New Hope Dairy.

All the company representatives and management committee staffs.

Time: 10:00am, Mar. 25th.

Location: Innovation Exhibition Center

Two American companies visited Pidu District on the 25th, and Mr. Xingren Zhang (Executive Deputy General Manager of the STCC International Park) welcomed the group. Both companies expressed strong interests in investment after the visit.

STCC International Park serves as a bridge linking Pidu District with international food and beverage companies. This visit will lay a solid foundation for creating an international food and beverage industrial chain in Pidu District and attracting more foreign investment.

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