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Get in Ring global finals ended successfully!

Sunels got great impressions!

Get in the Ring Global Meetup 2018 was held successfully in Portugal from May 30 to June 1. There were more than 130 projects from more than 40 countries participated in this event.STCC General manager George Donohue and deputy vice general manager Will Zhanghave participated this event together and had presentations about Jingrong Town and STCC Park. As the only Chinese enterprise who joined this event, STCC has attracted keen attention from all other enterprises.

There were a great many people on the spot

Day 1


May 30th, day one, all participants arrived on site, and took part in the opening ceremony of the final competition.STCC introduced Jingrong Town and STCC International Park to many projects.

The opening ceremony

George talked to other participants during the event

George and Will Zhang attended the opening ceremony

Founders Party

Day 2


Projects from all around the world held roadshows. STCC made a presentation of beneficial policies for foreign companies who are willing to move in Jingrong Town, and our services to help European and American companies to expand in China. Understanding about Jingrong town and STCC park, more than 40 companies and projects expressed their strong interests in settling in China.

Will Zhang introduced Jingrong town and STCC park to other participants.

The roadshow

Founders of international enterprises learned about STCC

The representatives of participants read STCC park brochures

Day 3


The final competition begun, and many people showed up in the final competition.

Finally, the three-day-event was held successfully.  Jingrong town and STCC park were known by lots of foreign enterprises, and the park has received positive feedbacks from the main organizer and enterprises' representative. STCC made a strategic intention agreement with National Trade Office of Hungary, which aims at settling China-Europe International Enterprise Industrial Park at Jingrong town,

Pidu district. STCC had communicated one on one, face to face with over 20 international enterprises' founders. 10 of them expressed their wishes of expanding in Chinese market.

In the near future, we believe that there will be more and more international enterprises settling in STCC, and STCC will make Pidu an international district which is a better place for working and living.

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