• Introduction

  • STCC International Park - Chengdu is located in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province, China. It is an American managed and operated business park in western China. We have furnished commercial spaces and finished manufacturing plants and spaces in our park. We offer the spaces with up to five years rent subsidized. We provide full services to American and European companies from planning, registration, operation, marketing, and expansionfor your businesses.

    There are big manufacturing plants, research facilities of both American and Chinese corporations, including Global Foundry (www.globalfoundries.com), Texas Instruments (www.ti.com), BOE (www.boe.com) and 19 top tier Chinese universities in our park area. We also have convenient transportation, including an international airport, highways, and tram. Express trains connect the greater Chengdu area and other major cities and ports in China.

    We welcome American and European companies, especially those in the businesses of electronic information, food & beverage, and sales & distribution. We especially welcome the fast growing small to medium sized companies. 

    We will work with you to turn our park into the gateway for your successful business in China!

    Location & Transportation:

    STCC International Park - Chengdu is located in Pidu District, one of China’s top 100 districts for 3 successive years. With convenient transportation, advanced education and high-level internationalization, Pidu is the district with the strongest economic strength inChina. Near STCC International Park, convenient transportation connects to the CBD Chengdu, a 45 minute drive to downtown. We are also 14 miles to the Chengdu central train station, 20 miles to Chengdu Shuangliu International airport, one of the busiest airports around the world, and 90 miles to the second International airport in Chengdu (under construction). Express trains, highways, local shuttles, and other public transportation are available to your staff and employees.

    Our Operation Model:

    STCC International Park – Chengdu, has two major assets: STCC International Center and STCC International Park.

    Generally, our STCC International Center works for companies which would like to establish their own offices in Chengdu for sales, incubators, exhibitions, and research. We will host U.S. State representatives in the international center to promote their own state’s products.

    Our STCC International Park operation focusses on the needs of those companies who would like to have their own manufacturing, warehousing or distribution facilities. 

    Our Target Industries:

    STCC International Park - Chengdu has three major target industries: Electronic Information, Food & Beverage, and Sales & Distribution.

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