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On 31th May, the Thursday night, STCC participated in 2018 American business in china summit forum - the 21st anniversary celebration of AmCham Southwest. 

2018 White Paper Forum - Amcham 21st Anniversary Celebration is one of AmCham’s largest policy events with participation of a great many of local governors and foreign consulates officials.

Experts from aviation, education, finance, tourism, IT, manufacturing, will present excellent speeches, covering a broad view of key areas which affect economy of Southwest china. The 2018American Business in China White Paper represents the view of AmCham business expectation for the coming year. The White Paper is widely distributed and referred to by officials in Chinese and U.S governments and is the common voice of foreign business in China.

There were over 150 confirmed attendees including representatives from the major media, officials from foreign Consulates in Chengdu and Chinese government leaders. They shared business experience, views and expectations together.

“Sunels is on the spot ,Our brilliance !”

As the major sponsor, STCC sponsored the event and held the booth on the spot.

 STCC had targeted introduction about the commercial environment of Jingrong town, Pidu district and the professional international services STCC provides to the CEOs from Fortune 500 companies operating in Southwest China, officials from foreign consulates in Chengdu and representatives of famous enterprises from AmCham.

STCC introduced the commercial environment in Jingrong town, Pidu district. 

President of Sunels Tech & Capital Corp, Nelson S. Lee participated the event as VIP guest

Delicious Chinese and western foods have been provided , and the guests had good interactions while enjoying the foods.

Live band provided the excellent shows during the event.

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